Ocean Class

Welcome to Ocean Class. All of the Year 3 and Year 4 children are in Ocean Class. The class teacher is Mrs Swaffield. Miss Ryan works in Ocean Class as a teaching assistant. Also, in the morning session, before break, Mrs Suter (teaching assistant) works in Ocean Class during our Numeracy lessons. For most of the afternoon sessions, Mrs Lowe supports in Ocean Class with group work and interventions.

Spring 1

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Trip to the Ancient Technology Centre

To link in with their topic 'Can You Dig It?' Ocean Class visited the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne. They spent the morning in the local woods coppicing. This involved identifying hazel tree branches which they then cut down using loppers and bow saws. They then returned to the centre where they had lunch around an open fire inside of a roundhouse. The remainder of the day was spent using their coppiced wood to build a fence and try out a range of axes from across the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages. All of the children had a fantastic day!

Autumn 2

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Art Day!

The children had a fantastic art day linked with our topic 'Can You Dig It?' They rotated around a range of activities including cooking stewed fruit, making a model round house and even creating a bone necklace!


Multi-sensory Spelling

The children in Ocean Class really enjoy learning their spellings through a range of fun, multi-sensory activities. These include using resources such as shaving foam, sparkly letters and even special crayons which can be used to write on the table with! 

Science Investigation

The children in Ocean Class have been learning about light. They have investigated which material would make the best reflective strip on a school book bag. 

We have got a very busy term ahead of us! Please click here to read all about it. 

Here is some information about the handwriting expectations in years 3 and 4. 

Investigating Friction

As part of our forces topic, the children investigated the friction caused by different surfaces. They designed their experiment before carrying it out and recording their results. There was lots of discussion as to why the car didn't go very far on the grass!

Singing Day at Child Okeford

The children had lots of fun at Child Okeford's Singing Day. This year's theme was 'Work and Play.' The children learnt a range of songs and actions linked to this theme. They also created some fantastic art work and took part in a series of PE activities. It was lovely to see the children enjoying themselves and mixing with children from other schools. 

Summer Term 2

We have so much going on this half term. Please click here to read about it! 

First Aid

The children had St John's ambulance services in this week to complete some first aid training with them. They were taught lots of important information including how to apply a simple bandage and how to put someone into the recovery position. They were so interested in the session and had lots of fun whilst doing it!

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Right Angle Eaters

The Year 3 children have been learning about right angles. They learnt what a right angle is, where they are found and all about angles which are smaller or bigger than a right angle. 


Ocean Class have been learning about rocks and soils. We learnt what soil is made of and the processes involved. After finding out about the uses of compost, we spent time making our own compost bins. We had to find rocks, soil, food scraps and paper to put in them - we of course then added worms! 

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