Desert Class

Welcome to Desert Class. All of the Year 5 and Year 6 children are in Desert Class. The main class teacher is Mrs Vail (who works in school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe teaches in Desert Class on a Thursday. Mrs Moseley is the teaching assistant in the class every day. After break, during our Numeracy lessons, Mrs Suter, joins Desert Class too. She also supports group work and interventions during some of the afternoon sessions.

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Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 2 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed our creative day in Desert Class during which we took part in a range of different activities. In Literacy, we have been studying the Incredible Book Eating Boy (which is about a boy who eats books). This generated a discussion about healthy eating and what is a balanced diet. In class, we designed a pasta dish, incorporating different food groups to make this a healthy meal. We included a range of ingredients: tuna, ham, bacon, sweetcorn, onions, mushrooms, mayonnaise, tomatoes (a selection of these - not all of them!) We then spent time creating our pasta dish and of course sampling it too!

Other activities linked to our Quest topic - The Ancient Greeks. The activities included:

* creating a Greek vase using mod roc or clay

* painting - designing a Greek vase using patterns

* drawing - designing a Greek vase with an Greek olympic sport

* researching and presenting information about the Ancient Greeks, using laptops and i-pads.

We love to get messy - even in Years 5 & 6! One of our favourite activities to help us to practise our spellings is writing them in shaving foam.

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