Desert Class

Welcome to Desert Class. All of the Year 5 and Year 6 children are in Desert Class. The main class teacher is Mrs Vail and the teaching assistants are Ms Sellick, Mrs Brown and Mrs Moseley. Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe teaches in Desert Class on a Thursday.

We had a great trip to The Kingcombe Centre this week. This trip was planned as part of our Rivers focus in our Planet Earth topic. In class, the children have learnt about the features of rivers and vocabulary associated with them. During the visit, they discussed different habitats in the environment for a range of wildlife and experienced different sampling and surveying techniques in both the river and meadow envirovment; in the river, each child took part in kick sampling (random and targetted) and in the meadow, they did bush bashing, grass sweeping and undergrowth hunting. They then used identification charts to identify their findings. A great day was had by all!

Welcome back to the second Summer half term. We have lots of exciting units of work and trips to look forward to. Please read our curriculum letter below to find out more.

Curriculum Letter Summer Term 2 2018

The children worked really hard in their tests this week. They had a lot of fun in the afternoons to relax and let their hair down! The children brought game consoles into school to have a 'toy' session, took part in some cooking activities and played dodgeball, cricket and rounders. One afternoon was spent in Burton's Community Orchard, having a picnic and playing with friends. The children brought their bikes and scooters into school and had fun speeding around the playground and school site!

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