Desert Class

Welcome to Desert Class. All of the Year 5 and Year 6 children are in Desert Class. The main class teacher is Mrs Vail and the teaching assistants are Ms Sellick, Mrs Brown and Mrs Moseley. Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe teaches in Desert Class on a Thursday.

We are over half way through the school year now. Read about what we will be covering during this next half term.

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Curriculum Letter Spring Term 2

We have a busy term ahead. We have a new Quest topic to look forward to and preparation for the SATs to start thinking about.

Read our Curriculum letter to find out more information. Click on the link below.

Desert Class Curriculum Letter Spring Term 1 2018

Desert class travelled back in time to the Victorian period. They (all the children, Mrs Vail and Mrs Moseley) dressed up to get into character. In the morning, they experienced what it would be like to be a Victorian school child during our schoolroom session. They had to line up outside when the iron bell was rung and pay to come to school. The classroom was organised in rows with boys and girls sitting separately. Mrs Vail - who was mean and stern-looking - taught Arithmetic, drill, poetry, letter drills, object lesson and singing. All of the lessons were taught by rote and they were not allowed to speak unless they were spoken to. Some children were only permitted to write in sand trays; others wrote using chalk on slate. Several children had to wear the Dunce's hat and stand in the corner of the classroom and a few children were caned as a punishment. 

Later in the day, the children participated in other Victorian tasks: making bread, preparing vegetables for soup, needlework and making their own toy called a thaumatrope. (This was a very basic moving toy which became very popular in Victorian times). The bread and soup was cooked and the children then had the chance to sample this, as well as traditional Victorian gingerbread - which Mrs Moseley had made at home beforehand. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and gained a lot from the hands-on experience.

"The schoolroom session was great fun although I wouldn't want it to be like that all the time!"

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