Caring Cup

Congratulations Lila (Year 4), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  We all had a lovely surprise when you came into school on Monday with your hair cut into a short style.  It really suits you!  It is so thoughtful of you to have had your hair cut in aid of the children's cancer charity.  Well done!

Congratulations to Neve who is our Caring Cup winner this week. Maxine noticed Neve being incredibly helpful to a child in the lunch hall. Without prompting, she supported this child in collecting a spoon and then assisted him in clearing away his plate. Thnak you Neve. This was lovely to see!

Mackenzie has won the Caring Cup this week.  He helped another child in his class with their coat zipper, without any prompting.  It was lovely to watch him help one of his class mates - Well done Mackenzie.

Congratulations to Joshua G and Sydney (year 5). You are both the winner of the Caring Cup this week. On Tuesday, we had Mrs Cole leading cooking activities with Desert class. Sydney was 'chef assistant' during the most the day: she was a great help to the other children as well as to Mrs Cole. Joshua was also incredibly helpful and offered to clear the tables, wipe them down, do the washing up and set up ready for the next group. Thank you Sydney and Joshua for all of your help. You were both a star!

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