Caring Cup

Congratulations Nathan (Year 4) you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You helped your friend Sammy in the dining hall carry his hot school meal to the dining table, without being asked.  This was really lovely to observe, particularly as Sammy has a poorly arm and he would have struggled himself.  Well done - thoroughly deserved!

Congratulations Isabelle and Ryan (both in Year 5), you are the winners of the Caring Cup this week.  The morning after parents evening, you came and asked if you could carry the chairs from the hall back to the class rooms.  This was without any staff members asking, which was lovely!  Thank you both of you - it was very kind and generous of you to offer your help!  Well done!

Congratulations Olivia (Year 5) you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  When Olivia went into the hall on Thursday, the benches weren't placed out and she immediately offered to help Mrs Watson.  Well done Olivia!

Congratulations Henry (Year 4) you have been awarded the Caring Cup this week!  You were observed helping other children in the playground to play a game as they did not know the rules.  This was lovely to observe. Well done!

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