Caring Cup

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Caitlin (Year 5).  You have been chosen because you have been a kind, caring and supportive buddy to the younger children in Breakfast Club and during whole school worship.  It has been lovely to observe you helping the younger children.  Well done Caitlin!

The Caring Cup is awarded to Patrick (Year 3) for his impeccable manners.  Patrick can always be relied upon to open the door for other children or adults and can always be heard saying 'Please' and 'Thank-you' to others. You thoroughly deserve this award Patrick - Well done!  

Emma (Year 2) is the winner of the Caring Cup this week. Emma is very helpful in the lunch hall, clearing away glasses from her table which aren't even hers! She often offers to help Mandy which is very kind of her. Thank you Emma!

Congratulations to Parrot Class, as you are the winners of the Caring Cup this week.  You were very caring and supportive towards the nursery children who came in to join your class, whilst the mums and dads went to the Numeracy parent workshop on Thursday afternoon.  Well done, it was lovely to observe!

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