Caring Cup

Lottie (Year 5) is the winner of the Caring Cup this week. She was really kind to her friend who was in a lot of pain after having three teeth out. Lottie offered to sit in the school library at lunchtime with her and read her a story to take her mind off the pain! Thank you Lottie and well done!

Well done Ryan and Sophie (Falcon Class) for winning the Caring Cup this week!  The have been chosen for being caring towards school property.  They found a metre rule stick outside and brought it back into the school, cleaned it and made sure that it was ready to use in Maths again.  Well done!

Well done Aiden (Year 2), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You were very kind and caring towards Alfie in class, when his wheelchair got caught on the table.  You helped cheer him up when this happened.  Well done, a very deserving winner! 

The winner of he Caring Cup this week is Bobbie (Parrot Class).  Bobbie was very caring towards another member of his class in the playground this morning.  He shared the play equipment he was using as he noticed that his friend was upset and wanted to have a go.  This was lovely to observe Bobbie - you are a very deserving wiinner of the Caring Cup!

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