Caring Cup

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Becky (Kingisher Class).  She very kindly gave up her seat at the lunch table because another child was upset that they couldn't sit at that table.  This was without pompting.  Well done Becky this was very kind of you.

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Lucy (Year 5).  She has been very caring and supportive towards the younger children during after school Church Club.  Lucy was observed helping the youger children with their bags at the end of the club and helping them find their parents in the playground.  It was lovely to watch Lucy - Well done!

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Matthew (Year 5).  He was observed being caring and supportive towards another member of the class, who was having difficulty with their 'Big Write.'  Matthew took time to comfort her and reassure her and all of this was unprompted!  A very worthy winner of the Caring Cup - Well done!

Well done Ollie (Year 6) you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You have been awarded the cup for being supportive and caring towards a younger child in the school at lunchtime this week.  This was lovely to observe - well done!

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