Caring Cup

Congratulations to Lucas (Year 2) for winning the Caring Cup this week!  You have been extremely caring and kind towards a new member of your class.  You have helped them by being a very caring buddy both in class and outside at playtimes.  Well done Lucas - well deserved!

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Thomas (Year 5).  He was observed playing with the new children in Parrot Class and making sure they knew how to get back to their class after lunch time.  This was lovely to see Thomas!  Well done!

Well done Harrison (Year 4), you have been awarded the first Caring Cup of the new school year!  You have been chosen because you were very kind and thoughtful towards another member of your class, who had no-one to play with at break time.  You offered to be her friend and to play with her.  Well done Harrison!

The Caring Cup winner this week is Jaden (Year 6) for being kind and caring towards the younger members of his team at Sports Day.  Jaden was observed helping the younger children during the track races, helping them with the throwing and jumping activities and helping them move from event to event.  Well done Jaden, you are a very good role model for the younger children. 

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