Caring Cup

I am pleased to share that Ollie (Year 5) is the winner this week! Mrs Horder was keen that Ollie was congratulated and thanked for his helpfulness in the classroom and around the school. Well done Ollie!

Congratulations to Georgia (Parrot Class) for winning the caring Cup this week.  You have been chosen for being caring and supportive to Thomas in your class.  You were helping sign special words in class.  Well done Georgia!

This week the winner of the Caring Cup is Toby (Year 5). When it was wet playtime, Toby kindly volunteered to read a story to some of the younger children. It was lovely to see! Thank you Toby!

The winner of the Caring Cup is Phoebe in Year 4.  She was playing really nicely with the children from Parrot Class at break time this morning.  She was very patient and helped them join in with the game of 'human skittles'.  It looked like all of the children were having great fun!  Well done Phoebe!

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