Caring Cup

The Caring Cup has been awarded to Shannon (Year 6) this week.  She worked as a learning buddy in class and was extremely considerate to the other members of her working group.  She was careful to ensure that they were all actively involved in the task and she helped them complete the task.  Well done Shannon!

This week, the winner of the Caring Cup is Shelden (Year 4).  Shelden was very kind and caring towards a friend in his class, who was very upset because they had lost their Comic Relief red nose.  To support his friend, Shelden gave his friend his own red nose, so that he was no longer upset.  This was a very considerate thing to do Shelden, well done!  

Ethan (Year 6) has been awarded the Caring Cup this week.  He was nominated by Mrs Peters, who reported that he has be kind enough to open doors without prompting and he has helped her in the classroom.  This was particularly kind and caring as she has a broken leg and is having to use crutches.  Well done Ethan! 

Our Caring Cup has been awarded to Millie (Year 4) in Falcon Class.  She was very kind and supportive of a friend in the playground who was struggling to climb up to the top of the climbing frame.  She took time to help her friend and show her a useful technique when climbing.  Her friend was so thankful, that she came and told me all about it whilst I was on playground duty!  Well done Millie!

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