Caring Cup

Congratulations Will (Year 6) you are the winner of the caring Cup this week.  You helped in Jungle Class when the new Reception starters came for the day.  You helped them build and draw and you were very kind, caring and helpful towards them.  This made their first full day in school very special - thank you!

Congratulations Myles (Year 4) you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You were observed asking one of the youngest children in Jungle Class if he would like to join you in your game as you noticed that he was on his own.  This was during one lunch time this week - it was lovely to observe!  Well done!

Nathan is our winner of the Caring Cup. Mrs Vail was borrowing some French dictionaries from Ocean class and Nathan approached her to offer his help. He had noticed her struggling to carry so many and was very thoughtful.  This was very kind and appreciated. Thank you Nathan and well done!

Congratulations Josh (Year 4), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  We have all been collecting palm-sized pebbles to decorate, to place in the Spiritual Garden at the grand opening on Tuesday 26th June.  Josh realised that some of his friends had not managed to collect a pebble and was very kind and caring and brought extra pebbles in to share.  This was lovely Josh - thank you!

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