Caring Cup

Our Caring Cup is awarded to Caitlin (Falcon Class) this week.  She has been very kind and caring towards the younger children in Parrot Class in the playground at break and lunchtime.  She has invited younger children to join in with her games and has been very encouraging towards them.  Well done Caitlin! 

The Caring Cup is awarded to James (Year 4) this week.  He has been extremely helpful to the Lunchtime supervisors in the hall and has supported many of the younger children with the lunch routines.  Well done James!

Our Caring Cup is awarded to Isaac (Year 6) this week. He helped the whole school by offering to tidy up the equipment which was all over the playground at the end of break time on Friday. This was very kind and your kindness was appreciated! Well done Isaac.

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Lewis in Owl Class. He was very caring towards Alfie in Parrot Class this morning at breaktime, when he noticed that Alfie was unable to join in with a whole school chalk drawing session on the playground.  Lewis, without prompting, put chalk onto Alfie's wheelchair wheels!  Alfie really enjoyed drawing lines on the playground!  Well done Lewis!

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