Caring Cup

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Henry (Kingfisher Class).  He was very caring towards Thomas in Parrot Class this morning at breaktime, by helping him balance and steer on the tricycle.  Well done Henry you thoroughly deserve this award!

This week the Caring Cup is awarded to Charlotte (Year 6). Charlotte saw a younger child upset on the playground earlier in the week and offered to go and have a chat with her to take her mind off it and to cheer her up. Charlotte has a lovely caring nature and sets a superb example to other children in the school. Well done Charlotte!
The winner of the Caring Cup his week is Jaden (Year 6).  He was observed playing with Georgia and encouraging her during playtime.   Jaden was heard saying, "Well done Georgia, that's amazing, keep it up!"  Jaden is a superb role model to all the younger children in the school and thoroughly deserves this award.  Well done Jaden!

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Eddie (Year 1) for being kind and opening the front door to other children and parents coming into school.  Well done Eddie!

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