Caring Cup

The winner of the caring cup this week is Jasmine (Year 4).  She was very kind and supportive of a child in Reception Class, who had no-one to play with at breaktime.  Without prompting, Jasmine asked the Reception child to join in with her game.  Well done Jasmine!
This week, the Caring Cup has been awarded to Lottie (Year 4). Lottie was seen being really caring towards a younger child in our school in the playground. Well done Lottie and keep this up!

This week Kara (Year 1) won the Caring Cup. She was very kind to a child who had no-one to play with at lunchtime, offering them to join in with her game. This was lovely to see! Well done Kara.

Lewis P (Year 6) has been awarded the Caring Cup this week.  He displayed a very supportive and caring attitude, when he helped another pupil in his class with their maths work.  Well done Lewis!

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