Caring Cup

Ava (Year 5) is the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  A parent of a younger child came into school to report how kind and caring Ava had been to their younger child.  The younger child was in the bicycle shed and got her helmet stuck in her hair.  The younger child was very upset about this and Ava instantly went over to the child to re-assure her and to her her untangle her hair from the helmet.  Ava then took the younger child's hand and brought her back into the front playground where the younger child's mother was waiting.  This was very kind and caring Ava, well done! 

Congratulations Zoe (Year 6) you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  This morning you were observed opening the school door for parents of younger children in the school.  This was without being asked.  This was very kind and caring of you and illustrates your impeccable manners.  Well done!

Congratulations to Charlie (Reception) who is our Caring Cup winner this week. In class, someone was getting upset and Charlie was observed going over to them to reassure them. He then offered to share his resources with them and made them feel better. This was lovely to see. Well done Charlie.

Mrs Lowe noticed in Breakfast Club Hazel (Year 3) being really kind towards a younger child who was sat on his own. She went over to him, told him that he didn't have to be on his own and she encouraged him to join in with a game. This was all without any prompting from an adult. Well done Hazel - this was such a kind and thoughtful thing to do!

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