Caring Cup

Congratulations Finn (Year 6), you are the winner of the Caring Cup again this week!  this is the first time someone has won the cup on two consecutive weeks.  You have been observed supporting Megan in your class, who has a broken foot.  Without prompting you have opened doors for, collected teaching and learning resources for her and generally been kind and caring and making sure she is happy and well.  This has been lovely to observe!  Well done Finn!

Congratulations to Finn (Year 6)!  You are the winner of the caring cup this week, due to how helpful you were to all the staff during Arts Week as well as how supportive you were towards the younger children in your groups.  Finn was enthusiastic to help even when it took up his lunchtime; he helped Mr Wharton to download sound clips and Mrs Bennett to make final adjustments to the Giant puppet and transport it (very carefully) into the hall. Well done Finn and thank you!

  Well done!

Our Caring Cup winner is Ava. Ava was very helpful when Mrs Bray was on break duty this week. She was supporting the younger children in the school to play nicely and when they found this tricky she helped them to resolve their issues. Thank you Ava! This was very kind.

Congratulations to Molly (Jungle Class) who is the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  She was observed being very kind and caring towards another member of her class, ensuring they were invited to play in the game that others were playing at break time.  This was lovely to observe, well done!

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