Caring Cup

Congratulations to Albie (Year 4), who is the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You decided that you wanted to support and help your best friend Alfie, in raising money for a much needed bed.  Without any prompting, you organised a sponsored silence, organised a 'count the number of sweets in the jar', organised a collection pot and also donated money from your own piggy bank!  You raised a total of £128.70!  Absolutely brilliant Albie, you are a worthy winner of the Caring Cup this week!

Congratulations Sebbie (Year 2), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  Mrs Hillier noticed how kind and caring you were towards your classmates this week; after you had finished your work, you volunteered to help your class mates.  This was really impressive Sebbie!  Well done!

The winner of the Caring Cup this week has been won jointly by Calum and Charlie (Year 5).  They have been very kind this week by volunteering to be bench monitors in the hall, to help the staff clear up after lunch time.  This was really generous of the boys to give their time.  Well done boys!

Pippa (Jungle Class) is the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  Every moring this week Pippa has made a point of coming up to me in the corridor to ask me how I am and if I am having a nice day.  This is lovely, particularly as Pippa is one of the youngest children in the school and this was entirely un-prompted.  Well done Pippa - You thoroughly deserve the award this week!

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