Caring Cup

Congratulations to Sophie (Year 5) who is the Caring Cup winner this week.  She was very kind and caring towards some of the toddlers who came to the creche whilst parents went to the Phonics workshop after school.  This was without any prompting!  Well done Sophie!

Our caring cup winner is Joshy B (Year 2). When coming in from the playground, a couple of children accidently fell over. Joshy was observed dashing over to them and helping them to their feet, checking that they were ok and not hurt. This was lovely to see. Thank you Joshy for being so caring.

Congratulations to Henry (Year 2), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You were very considereate this morning, when you held the front door of the school open for all the children, mums and dads.  This was without prompting!  A very deserving winner of the cup. 

Congratulations Becky (Year 4) you are the winner of the caring cup this week.  You have been chosen for being very kind and caring towards a member of your class.  You were observed collecting resources in the class, as they could not get these themselves and making sure they could join in with the activity.  This was lovely to observe.  Well done!

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