Caring Cup

Congratulations Becky (Year 4) you are the winner of the caring cup this week.  You have been chosen for being very kind and caring towards a member of your class.  You were observed collecting resources in the class, as they could not get these themselves and making sure they could join in with the activity.  This was lovely to observe.  Well done!

Congratulations to Joshua (Year 2), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  Mrs Jennings noticed that you were being particularly kind to one of your classmates.  You were sharing with them and when you noticed that they needed something, you instantly went and collected it for them in the classroom.  This was very kind and caring of you!  Well done!

Well done to all the Year 5's who jointly won the Caring Cup this week.  They have been fantastic buddies to the reception children, showing lots of care and encouragement during our Buddy Time on a Thursday.

Well done Isabelle for winning the caring cup this week.  You were so kind when two of your friends fell out with each other.  You tried to cheer them both up and encouraged them each to say sorry and become friends again.  You are very caring and a very good friend.

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