Caring Cup

Our winner of the caring cup is Emma (Year 3). Mrs Sharpe received a delivery today for lots of new resources for the classes ready for September. Emma kindly offered to help her take the resources into the classroom during break time. This was much appreciated. Thank you Emma.

Congratulations to Joshy (Woodland Class), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You have been observed supporting another child in your class, helping them to work in a small group.  This was very caring - well done!

Our winner of the Caring Cup is Megan (Year 4). At lunchtime today, a member of Ocean class was trying to do their Numeracy homework and was finding it tricky. Without being asked, Megan asked if they wanted some help. Megan kindly explained what they had to do and supported them in figuring out the answers. Thank you Megan! This was very kind.

Congratulations to Megan in Desert Class, who is the winner of the Caring Cup this week. Megan has been so helpful in breakfast club this week; she has been helping younger children to come into have their breakfast as well as helping the staff to clear the tables. Thank you Megan for your kindness!

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