Caring Cup

Congratulartions to Harvey in Year 6, who is the winner of our Caring Cup this week.  He has been very kind and caring towards the younger children in his Board Games After School Club.  Harvey has helped the younger children with working out the game rules, helping them if they get stuck and generally being a really good buddy.  This is all without any prompting.  Well done Harvey - you thoroughly deserve this award!

Congratulations to Sam (Year2) who is the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  He was very helpful towards Mrs Wood and Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe in the playground at lunchtime.  He helped move some unwanted rocks, which were dangerous.  Very helpful Sam - thank you!

Our Caring Cup winner this week is Nathan (Year 2). Nathan was chosen by Mrs Antell who serves the hot school dinners at lunchtime for being a very kind friend to Hollie, who is using crutches at the minute. Nathan carried Hollie's dinner to the table for her as she was finding it difficult. Thank you Nathan. This was lovely to see!

The winner of the Caring Cup this week is Alfie (Year 3). Alfie noticed that the new children, who have just joined our school in Jungle Class, were a little unsure of his wheelchair. To help them to feel less scared, Alfie offered to visit their class and talk to them about his chair. This was such a grown-up thing to do and was very caring. Well done Alfie and thank you!

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