Caring Cup

This week the Caring Cup has been awarded to Toby, for being considerate to other children in the class. In Maths, Toby made sure the rest of the class had a clock to work with before he got one for himself. Well  done Toby!

Albie has been awared the caring cup this week for his kind and considerate nature towards others. Albie is always extremely polite and often wishes the adults in the classroom a happy evening. 

Congratulations Ella and Ava - you are the winners of the Caring Cup this week.  You were observed playing with a child from Jungle Class - helping her join in with your game and being very kind towards her.  This was lovely to observe - Well done!

Our winner of the caring cup this week is Sebbie. Sebbie has been incredibly kind to children on the playground when they have hurt themselves. Sebbie has been making sure that they are ok and taking them inside for first aid. Well done Sebbie. 

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