Caring Cup

All of our Year 5 children are our Caring Cup winners this week. They were incredibly kind and caring towards each other during the Leeson House residential last week: helping each to make their beds; carrying their bags when they saw someone struggling; sharing sweets and chocolate treats and generally being supportive of each other. Well done Year 5! Keep this up in school.

Congratulations Susie (Year 3) you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You were observed supporting a child in Jungle Class whilst they were out on our daily mile track.  The child you helped wanted to run around the track but didn't want to go on their own; you instantly noticed this and offered to go with them.  All this without any prompting!  Well done!

Our caring cup winner this week is Olivia G (year 6). In the lunch hall, on Wednesday this week, she offered to help Mrs Suter to mop up the gravy spills. This was very kind, Olivia. Thank you.

Congratulations Ryan (Year 4), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You were very helpful at the end of lunch time when you noticed that the shed monitors had recieved all the play equipment on the floor.  You kindly helped them put the equipment away, without being asked.  This was lovely to observe.  Well done!

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