Caring Cup

Congratulations Ben (Year 6), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week!  You very kindly opened the door to the school to one of our new parents who had a pram this morning.  This was without being asked.  Well done!

Congratulations to Eli (Year 2)! Eli has been awarded the Caring Cup this week for his kindness and caring nature shown towards one of our new members of Jungle Class. The child had fallen over in the playground and was sent inside to see an adult for first aid treatment. They were very nervous about talking to a member of staff but Eli was heard encouraging them and reassuring them. Thank you Eli and well done. This was lovely to witness.

Congratulation Lukas (Year 6) - You are the winner of the Caring Cup this week!  You were observed helping one of your class friends after break time - without any prompting, you noticed that they had left their jumper out on the playground and you kindly brought it in for them.  This was lovely to observe!  Well done!

The winners of the Caring Cup are Maemi and Sophie (Year 6). They were very kind and supportive towards a younger child in our school. This child became upset when the teacher had asked them to tidy away and it was the end of Golden Time. Maemi and Sophie encouraged the child to follow the instructions given and reassured them. Thank you both - this was very helpful.

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