Caring Cup

Congratulations Hazel, you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You were observed helping a friend from the youngest class, Jungle Class, with following instructions and helping them with their fruit at break time.  It was lovely to observe.  You are a very deserving winner!

The Caring Cup is awarded to Tianna this week.  Everyday, at the start of the day, Tianna waits patiently at the school front door and always finds the front door stop.  She also waits patiently for Mrs Whitehouse-Sharpe to place it under the door before walking in.  This is very considerate of Tianna as it is very busy first thing in the morning.  Well done Tianna.   

Our Caring Cup winner is Eve (Year 6). In the Science lesson this week, after finishing her own work, she supported another group. Eve had noticed that they were finding the task tricky so offered to help. This was without prompting. Well done Eve!

Congratulations Aksharan (Year 4), you are the winner of the Caring Cup this week.  You have been chosen as you have been very kind and caring towards the Year 3 children in your class - you have been helping them learn the new routines in the class and really encouraging them to do their best.  This has been lovely to observe.  Well done!

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