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Jungle Class


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Year 1:

Year 2:

Ocean Class

Year 3: All our Year 3 chidlren are learners of the week. They have worked incredibly hard this week during their assessments and have also developed their independent skills whilst the Year 4 children having been doing their tests. Well done Year 3!

Year 4: All of our children are learners of the week. They have all worked extremely hard during their assessments; they have all focussed well and tried their best in all of their tests. Well done Year 4!

Desert Class

Year 5: Our learner of the week is Tom. I have been impressed with Tom's work in the year 5 SAT tests this week, in particular the maths papers. Tom is really starting to show us his full potential. Keep up the excellent work, Tom!

Year 6: Abi is our learner of the week. Abi always works hard in every lesson and challenges herself to reach the top of the learning ladders. Well done Abi!


Jungle Class

Reception: Our learner of the week is Theodore. Theodore has been very helpful this week and has been sharing what he knows with others. He even sat and spent time with a friend in his class reading them a story. Well done - you have had a fantastic week.

Woodland Class

Year 1: Our learner of the week is Pippa.  I was very impressed with her WOW write this morning. You listened carefully to the instructions and have written a brilliant story. Well done!

Year 2: Aksharan is our learner of the week. What a positive attitude you have towards your learning! You always listen to any advice that is given and apply this in your work. Well done!

Ocean Class

Year 3: Bobbie is our learner of the week. Bobbie always works really hard in our maths lessons and is keen to challenge himself and move up the learning ladder. This is fantastic Bobbie. Well done!

Year 4: Our learner of the week is Alfie. Alfie has been completing extra maths work this week with Mrs Sellick and Mrs Brown. He has finished all the work that has been set for him and has always had a smile on his face! Well done Alfie and thank you for working so hard.

Desert Class

Year 5: Ben is our learner of the week. His non-chronological report about Pandora was fantastic. Ben worked really hard to use imagination to make his report engaging and thought carefully about the punctuation he used in his writing. Well done Ben! This was a great piece of writing.

Year 6: Rupert is our learner of the week. I have been really impressed with Rupert's effort and improved attitude towards his learning. Rupert is putting his hand up in class to share his ideas and is really focussed in lessons. This is great to see!

Jungle Class

Our learner of the week this week is Samuel. Sam has shown us a real have a go attitude which is really paying off with his writing. Well done Sam!

Woodland Class

Year 1: Our Year 1 learner of the week is Jai. This week in Computing we have been creating some Computer Art using Pixel Pointillism. Jai took a lot of care in creating a picture of a sunflower only using dots. Well done Jai!

Year 2: Our learner of the week for Year 2 is Hazel. Hazel has worked really hard this week on learning to tell the time, her hard work has definately paid off. 

Ocean Class

Year 3: Matilda is our Year 3 learner of the week. Mrs Moseley and I were so impressed with Matilda's reading this morning. She was reading confidently and with some lovely expression. 

Year 4: Albie is our Year 4 learner of the week. Albie has been chosen because of his excellent tennis skills. He has brilliant control of the ball and plays with such enthusiasm. 

Desert Class

Year 5: Tabatha has been chosen as our Year 5 learner of the week. Tabatha has been working really hard to play kindly with other children, ensuring that they too have the opportunity to share their ideas. Tabatha is always such a bubbly member of the class who never fails to cheer everyone up. 

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Our learner of the week is Thomas. Thomas has been working particularly hard with his writing. He has been concentrating really well and makes sure that his work has all the things we have been learning to include. Well done Thomas!


Year 1: Our Year 1 learner of the week is Ned for super effort in phonics. You listen carefully and are starting to apply the spelling patterns in your writing. Well done!

Year 2: Our learner of the week for Year 2 is Toby. What a superstar you are! You always put 100% effort across all areas of the curriculum. Keep up the hard work.


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Livi. Livi has had a fantastic week in all areas. She has been incredibly polite towards other children and adults, she has listened carefully and tried really hard with her work. Well done Livi - what a fantastic example you have set!

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Darcey. Darcey was working with Mrs Moseley and was finding the maths a little tricky. Instead of giving up, she went home that evening and practised. Darcey was then much more confident with it the next day! Well done Darcey. 


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