Reception: This week our learner of the week is Jude! Jude has had a very busy week and has shown great concentration during his number work. We have been ordering numbers and Jude was able to do this with some very big numbers and even spotted numbers that were missing too! Well done Jude.


Year 1: This week Toby is our learner of the week. Toby has been thinking very carefully about writing in sentences this week. He is remembering to include punctuation and is using his phonetic knowledge to spell the words. Keep up the hard work Toby!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Valerie. I have been impressed with Valerie's writing this week. She is thinking about her sentences before she starts writing and is beginning to include punctuation. Well done Valerie!


Year 3: This week’s learner of the week is Eli. He worked really hard in Science today learning about the names and functions of human teeth. He produced a lovely poster displaying his scientific knowledge. Well done Eli!

Year 4: Congratulations Erin, you are this week’s learner of the week. You were really focussed in the Maths lesson this morning when we went through the arithmetic paper. You offered help to others with sums they were finding challenging and you were offering your answers throughout. Well done!


Year 5: Our learner of the week is Nathan. Nathan has been really focussed during our assessments this week. He has worked hard and thought carefully about his answers. Well done Nathan!

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Georgia. I have been impressed with Georgia’s ‘Have a Go’ attitude this week. She really wants to achieve her very best in everything she does and has shown good perseverance this week in the assessment tests. Well done Georgia!

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