Reception: Our learner of the week is Lily. Lily has produced some really good during our time reading The Billy Goats Gruff. She used some super words to describe the Troll! Well done Lily, keep up the good work! 


Year 1: This week Kaeshiyann is our learner of the week. Kaeshiyann has been showing great perseverance in all areas of the curriculum, especially during our phonics and maths lessons. Keep up the hard work Kaeshiyann!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Nathan. I have been very impressed with Nathan's enthusiasm and determination this week, especially in Maths. He has worked hard and worked his way up the learning ladder and completed his challenges. Well done Nathan!


Year 3: Our year 3 learner of the week is Jack. I have been so impressed with Jack’s maths work over the last couple of weeks. He has listened carefully when being taught how to add and subtract three digit numbers and was able to use the methods well. Well done Jack!

Year 4: Our year 4 learner of the week is Libby. Libby always sets an excellent example with her behaviour; she listens carefully, does what has been asked and is always ready to learn. Well done Libby and thank you for always setting such a good example.  


Year 5: Our learner of the week is Matilda. We have been impressed with Matilda in our Numeracy lessons this week. She has worked really hard and worked her way up the learning ladder. Well done Matilda. Keep this up!

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Neve. Neve's writing this week has been fantastic. She has been thinking carefully about her sentence structures and including advanced punctuation also. Well done Neve!

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