Jungle Class

Our Learner of the week is Seth.

Seth has tried really hard this week with his letter sounds. He always joins in and is eager to do well. Seth is also a very kind and helpful friend and makes sure all his friends are happy, helping them to join in with his games.

Well done, you have had a fantastic week.

Woodland Class

Year 1

This week our learner of the week is Isabelle. I was very impressed with Isabelle’s work in Literacy this morning. She worked diligently ordering instructions on ‘How to make a Jam Sandwich’. Well done! 

Year 2 

Our Year 2 learner of the week is Erin. I have been very impressed with your positive and mature attitude towards your learning this week. You are listening carefully and trying your best in all your work. Well done!

Ocean Class

Year 3

This week our Year 3 learner of the week is Ella. I have been so impressed with Ella’s attitude this week, particularly in maths. She has been trying incredibly hard and working her way up through the maths tasks. 

Year 4

Congratulations to Eve who is our Year 4 learner of the week. Eve has been working really hard to improve her handwriting and her work has certainly paid off! Well done Eve!

Desert Class

Year 5

Our learner of the week is Eddie. Eddie has become much more independent in his learning and is not afrtaid to tackle any learning challenge. He is also a very enthusiastic learner as well as being very helpful in the classroom. 

Year 6

Our learner of the week is Chloe. Chloe is becoming much more confident and independent in all areas of the curriculum, but particularly in maths. She is also much more confident when helping other children and adults around the school. 

IMG 0492ee

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