Our learner of the week is Meg. Meg has progressed so well in all areas of learning, especially her reading. She has also shown herself to be a very enthusiastic and kind friend. She helps others to join in with her games and makes sure everyone is happy. Well done Meg!


Year 1: This week our learner of the week is Adam. I was very impressed with his patience and concentration when making his 'Robot' this morning. Well done!

Year 2: Our year 2 learner of the week is Erin. I have been very impressed with your work across all areas of the curriculum this week. You have been an absolute superstar!


Year 3: This week our year 3 learner of the week is Livi. I have been so impressed with Livi's attitude towards her work this week. I was particularly impressed with her amazing letter to apply for the job of an Elf!

Year 4: This week our year 4 learner of the week is Scarlet. It has been Scarlet's first week at Shillingstone this week and she has settled in brilliantly. Well done Scarlet!


Year 5: Our learner of the week is Georgina. Georgina is an enthusiastic learner who is making real progress with feeling able to take risks when she is trying new learning. Georgina is working well at friendship tasks and is increasingly able to discuss and resolve friendship questions.

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Henry. Henry is a really bubbly influence in Year 6 and an excellent role model for younger children as well as his peers. Henry is a really positive person and will happily take on challenging independent work.


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