Jungle Class

Our Learner of the week is Thomas.

Thomas has been a very helpful member of the class this week. He always helps to tidy up the class room and lend a hand to others. Thomas has also been working very hard with learning all of his letter sounds and is beginning to use what he knows to write some words. Well done Thomas!

Woodland Class

Year 1: Our Year 1 learner of the week is Eli. I am very impressed with your diary writing about the Great Fire of London. You worked indepedently and produced some great work. Well done!

Year 2: Our Year 2 learner of the week is Gracie. Gracie is always looking at ways to improve her writing. She listens to advice, reads through her work and as a result produces some fantastic work. Keep up the hard work!

Ocean Class

Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Ryan. Over the past few weeks, Ryan has shown a really positive attitude towards his learning. He has been working hard and trying to complete tasks. Well done Ryan!

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Alfie. Alfie has been chosen for his kind and friendly behaviour towards others. This is something that is consistent and is a great example for others to follow. 

Desert Class

Year 5: Our Learner of the Week is Calum. Calum is a really hard working and enthusiastic learner who is making real progress with all areas, but especially in maths. Calum is a really helpful person to all the children in Desert class as well as all the adults!

Year 6: Our Learner of the Week is Lukas. Lukas has a  made real progress in becoming an independent learner and is starting to ask for help more quickly when he needs it. Lukas has also been really positive about managing his feelings, as well as realising that he can improve his writing in small steps.

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