Jungle Class


Our Learner of the week is Elie.

Elie has been trying very hard this week to make sure she helps keep our classroom tidy. She will help others to take care of our things to ensure we always have lovely resources to use in our learning. Elie is also working very hard to improve her number recognition and counting. Well done Elie! 

Woodland Class

Year 1

Molly is our Year 1 learner of the week. Molly has been showing a mature attitude in our phonics sessions this week. She has been listening carefully and concentrating on the sounds within words. I have been very impressed Molly, well done!

Year 2

Our Year 2 learner of the week is Darcie. It has not gone unnoticed the pride you take in your work. Your presentation across all areas of the curriculum is second to none. Keep it up!

Ocean Class

Year 3

Our Year 3 learner of the week is Sam. Sam has worked incredibly hard to improve his handwriting. He is now consistently producing neat, joined handwriting. Well done Sam!

Year 4

Our Year 4 learner of the week is Ava. Ava has had a fantastic week this week. She has been listening carefully, putting her hand up during our RE discussions and has produced some fantastic work. Well done Ava!

Desert Class

Year 5

Our learner of the week is Tom D.  Tom always makes a super effort in all areas of learning so he has made really good progress so far this term.  Tom is a bubbly and energetic boy who is always keen to help others.  He is a good ambassador for Year 5.

Year 6

Our learner of the week is Chloe.  Chloe has made real progress in becoming an independent learner and has made some excellent progress in maths this half term.  Furthermore, she has made super progress with her written work - especially in her WOW Writes where she is producing excellent work. 

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