Jungle Class


Our Learner of the week this week is Ariana. Ariana has settled very well in to Jungle Class and has shown herself to be a very helpful and kind member of the class. She has even helped others when she has finished a task. Well done Ariana you have had a very good week!


Woodland Class

Year 1: This week Theo is our learner of the week. In Woodland Class we are working hard on improving our listening skills and Theo is an example to the rest of the class. He always listens carefully on the carpet and as a result has produced some pleasing pieces of work. Well done Theo!

Year 2:Our learner of the week is Isabelle. Isabelle has shown a positive attitude towards her work this week. She listens carefully, remembers to put her hand up to answer questions and tries her best in her independent work. Well done Isabelle!

Ocean Class

Year 3: Our learner of the week is Hazel. I was so impressed with Hazel's maths work this morning; she worked independently whilst add and subtracting 100. She produced fantastic work and worked her way up through the learning ladder. Well done Hazel!

Year 4: Our learner of the week is Ella. I have been really impressed with Ella's attitude since being in Year 4. She has been working incredibly hard in all subjects and has been trying hard to work her way up the learning ladder. Well done Ella, keep it up!

Desert Class

Year 5: Our learner of the week is Ryan. Ryan has made a great start to Year 5. I am particularly impressed with his Numeracy work so far: he has been working hard and moving up the learning ladder to make good progress in our lessons. His work is also presented logically and neatly. Well done Ryan! Keep this up.

Year 6: Aiden is our learner of the week. Aiden has scored so many presentation points this week - every piece of his work is beautifully presented. He is really taking pride in his work which is fantastic to see. Well done Aiden!

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