Our learner of the week this week is Charlie. Charlie has worked so hard learning all of the school routines and he always joins in with our class activities. He has worked especially hard learning to count and recognise some numbers. Well done Charlie!



Year 1:This week Joey is our learner of the week. Joey didn't give up when we were writing our sentences this week. He wrote an amazing sentences and should be very proud of himself. Well done Joey!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Amelie. Amelie always enjoys a challenge and never gives up, even when she finds the work a little challenging. Well done Amelie!


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Jessica. Jessica has tried really hard with her times tables this week. She has persevered with learning them and did brilliantly on her times tables test! Well done Jess.

Year 4:  Our Year 4 learner of the week is Matilda. Matilda showed perseverance in maths this week whilst using the column method to subtract four digit numbers. She worked really hard and made excellent progress!


Year 5: Ava is our learner of the week. She has made a great start to Year 5 and is working hard in every lesson. In maths, she is striving to work up the learning ladder and achieve her very best. Well done Ava.

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Calum. Calum has been really focussed this week and keen to improve his WOW Write. He has added some complex punctuation and improved his vocabulary also. I look forward to reading the final version Calum, next week! Well done.

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