Year 1: Our year 1 learner of the week is Elinor. Elinor has shown great perseverance in tackling her activities this week. Even when they were a little challenging, she kept on trying. Well done!

Year 2: Our year 2 learner of the week is Charlie. During our Quest activities, Charlie challenged himself by choosing a difficult activity to complete and showed great perseverance whilst doing so. 


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Toby. I was so impressed with Toby’s determination and perseverance this week in gymnastics. The children were creating sequences using balances. Toby worked incredibly hard to develop a range of balances including some tricky ones! Well done Toby!

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Myles. He has been working incredibly hard in maths this term. He always challenges himself and perseveres with things if he finds them difficult. Myles works extremely hard to climb the learning ladder. Well done!


Year 5: Neve is our learner of the week. She produced some excellent maths work at the beginning of the week on negative numbers, working up her learning ladder and succeeding in completing her greater depth challenges. In subsequent lessons, the year 5s used their skills learnt and applied them to word problems. This was challenging but Neve persevered. Well done Neve! Your hard work paid off.

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Tabatha. In our Literacy lesson on Wednesday, she wrote a great piece of dialogue with excellent complex punctuation, including brackets and dashes for parenthesis. Well done Tabatha! This was a piece of writing to be proud of. Keep it up.

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