Well done to Kaeshiyann for being our learner of the week. Kaeshiyann has been working very hard to learn all of the actions that go with the sounds we have been practising. This has meant he has been able to help the class to beat their last speed sound challenge score! Great team work! Well done Kaeshiyann.


Year 1: Our Year 1 learner of the week is Samuel. Samuel has shown great perseverance with his work in our phonics sessions this week. When he has found the words difficult he has not given up. Well done Samuel!

Year 2: Our Year 2 learner of the week is Molly. I can always rely on Molly to try her best and never give up, even when the task is challenging. Well done Molly!


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Gracie. Gracie has shown a huge amount of perseverance this week in maths. We have been working with fractions and Gracie has worked incredibly hard to develop her understanding of this tricky subject. She has persevered to work her way up the learning ladder. Well done Gracie!

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Joshy. Joshy has been chosen due to his fantastic teamwork skills! He has shown this during lots of different lessons and subjects. Joshy always makes sure that all members of his team are listened to and that everyone is included in the task. Well done!


Year 5: Our learner of the week is Albie. Albie made a successful thaumatrope (moving Victorian toy) today during our Victorian day. He then was willing to assist others and provide advice when they had a go at this task. You showed good teamwork Albie. Well done.

Year 6: Becky is our learner of the week. She was very skilful at needlework today (another Victorian task) and willingly supported other children when they were finding it tricky. Well done Becky for demonstrating great teamwork.

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