Our learner of the week this week is Bella. Bella has been working really hard with her numbers and showed great perserverance when completing a task. She even helped a friend to complete theirs showing that she sees herself as part of a helpful Jungle Class Team. Well done Bella.


Year 1: This week Nathan is our learner of the week. I have been very impressed with Nathan's attitude towards his learning this week. He perseveres when the task is challenging and has been working well with his talk partner this week. Well done Nathan!

Year 2:Our learner of the week is Charlie. Charlie has come back to school, after the Christmas break, with such a positive attitude towards his learning across all areas of the curriculum. Keep up the hard work Charlie!


Year 3:  Our Year 3 learner of the week is Daisy. Daisy has been given some challenging maths tasks this week and she has shown great determination and perseverance. I have been so impressed with her attitude towards her work, well done Daisy!  

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Nathan. Nathan has worked incredibly hard in maths this week, both in class and with Mrs Proyer. He has shown great determination and perseverance towards tasks and produced some excellent work as a result. Well done Nathan.


Year 5: Georgia is our learner of the week. We have been focussing on measures which the year 5s have found particularly challenging. Gerogia has worked hard in our maths lessons this week and shown good perseverance to complete the task set. Well done Georgia.

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Alfie. In Literacy, we have been writing a narrative with flashbacks, based on The Piano. Alfie has worked hard on his writing this week, really focussing in lessons to achieve all of the aspects on his learning ladder. Well done Alfie.

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