Jungle Class

Our learner of the week is Gracie. Gracie has been working very hard with her nuber work this week. She is showing a real "Have a go" attitude towards her learning. Gracie has been able to solve number problems and is now confident when adding 1 more to a number to 10 and beyond. It is really great to see all of her hard work paying off. Well done Gracie!

Woodland Class

Year 1: This week Thomas is our learner of the week. Thomas is always willing to 'have a go' and is beginning to understand that he might not get it right first time. Keep up the hard work Thomas!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Eli. I was so impressed with your independent writing this morning. You persevered and 'had a go' and have produced some brilliant writing. Well done Eli!

Ocean Class

Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Aksharan. Aksharan is always up for a challenge and will ‘give everything a go.’ He understands that he may not find the correct answer to begin with but tries anyway. No challenge fazes him! Well done Aksharan.

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Henry. Henry always ‘gives it a go.’ Whatever challenge may face him, he consistently tries his best and strives to find the solution. Well done Henry, you set an excellent example!

Desert Class

Year 5: Darcey is our learner of the week. She has shown good reciprocity skills in class, assisting her peers when they were finding something tricky. Thank you Darcey for being so supportive. Well done!

Year 6: Aiden is our learner of the week. Aiden has shown great perseverance this week with his writing. He has edited and improved his writing based on The Piano. He has started writing up his final version in his Wow Write book and will finish this next week. Well done Aiden - you have produced fantastic piece of writing.

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