This week our learner of the week is Layton. Layton worked really hard to draw a very scary picture of a Troll. He then showed a real have a go attitude by selecting the sounds he needed to write a word to describe him. Well done Layton!


Year 1: This week Megan is our learner of the week. Magan can always be relied upon to 'have a go' at any activity we give her. If she finds it a little challenging, she perseveres and always tries her best. Well done Megan!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Barnaby. I have been impressed with Barnaby’s attitude towards his maths this week. He has persevered when he’s found things difficult and as a result has produced some great work. Well done Barnaby!


Our learners of the week are Hollie (year 4), Gracie and Verity (year 3). They have been chosen due to their excellent teamwork. They worked extremely hard together to write two verses of a rap poem which had excellent rhythm. They then worked together to rehearse and perform their poem with clarity and in unison. Well done girls!


Year 5: Alfie is our learner of the week. In Science, this week Alfie showed a great attitude and really had a go at the task set. He looked at the lizards carefully and considered why they were best suited to different environments. Well done Alfie!

Year 6: Zoe is our learner of the week. Zoe has shown great perseverance this week with her maths. She has shown a good understanding of factors, prime numbers, composite numbers and prime factors. Well done Zoe!

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