Reception: Our learner of the week is Ariana. Ariana has learnt a new skill in maths. She used her new found confidence with doubling numbers to work on her own to complete an activity. Her ability to not only use her maths knowledge but to also demonstrate such independence really impressed! Well done Ariana.


Year 1: This week Joey is our learner of the week. I am very impressed with Joey's attitude to learning this week. He has completed every task that he has given. Keep up the hard work Joey!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Pippa. Pippa has worked hard and shown great perseverance with her spelling. She is now beginning to proof read her work to check that she has spelt everything correctly. Well done Pippa!


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Jessica. I was really impressed with Jess' writing this week. Whilst writing a description of a setting, she thought carefully about her vocabulary and sentence openers. Jess really tried her best. Well done!

Year 4:

Our Year 4 learner of the week is Matilda. I am really impressed with Matilda's 'have a go' attitude. She tries incredibly hard in all subjects and gives everything 100#%. I couldn't ask any more!

Our other Year 4 learner of the week is Ella. I was really impressed with Ella's setting decsription this week. She thought carefully about her choice of vocabulary and tried hard to use a range of sentence structures. Well done Ella!


Year 5: Georgia is our learner of the week. She showed a good understanding of perimeter and area this week and was able to explain her workings when questioned. Well done Georgia!

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Will. Will always challenges himself in our Numeracy lessons. He showed great perseverance and commitment to his learning this week when he continued his work after we had finished our maths lesson! Well done Will.

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