This week our learner of the week is Jacob. Jacob has worked very hard this week especially with his letters and sounds. He has tried his best and finished his work even when it has been quite tough! Well done Jacob.


Year 1: This week Eli is our learner of the week. Eli has worked incredibly hard to improve her writing. As a result she is now independently writing sentences, remembering her capital letters and full stops. Well done Eli!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Adam. It has not gone unnoticed how hard you have been working. In Maths, you have shown great determination when multiplying and dividing. In Literacy, you have thought carefully about your spelling, punctuation and handwriting. Keep up the hard work Adam!


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Daisy. Daisy has worked really hard during our literacy lessons this week. She has been incredibly focused on the task when writing her twisted fairytale. Daisy has thought carefully about her writing and produced a fantastic piece of work. Well done Daisy!

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Bobbie. Bobbie has shown real determination this week in literacy when writing his own twisted fairytale. Bobbie has spent all of our lessons completely focused on his task and determined to include everything on his features checklist. Well done Bobbie!


Year 5: Eve is our learner of the week. Eve showed good knowledge of fractions when completing some revision questions earlier in the week. She was able to convert fractions using her times tables. Great maths Eve!

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Tabatha. I have been impressed with Tabatha’s focus during our revision sessions this week. Well done Tabatha! Keep this up, especially next week.

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