Reception: Our learner of the week is Isla. Isla has been producing some really fantastic writing. She has shown real pride in her work and has made sure it is the best it can be. Well done Isla!


Year 1: This week Rosie is our learner of the week. It has not gone unnoiticed how hard Rosie is working to improve her reading. She now knows all her sounds and is confidently blending them together. Weel done Rosie!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Amelie. I am so impressed with your positive attitude to your learning across all areas of the curriculum. You are an example to the rest of the class. Well done Amelie!


Our learners of the week are the whole of Ocean Class! Earlier in the week, they had a special first aid training session delivered by St John's Ambulance. The children were incredibly well behaved throughout the session: they listened well, asked sensible questions and participated brilliantly in the practical sessions. Well done Ocean class, you were fantastic!


Year 5: Busy is our learner of the week - you have been a great 'Busy Bee' this week! When playing rounders, Busy showed good teamwork skills, supporting other members of her team and playing well. Well done Busy!

Year 6: Eddie is our learner of the week. Eddie has been an excellent 'Have a Go Gorilla' this week in our RE lessons. The questions posed were challenging and really required the children to consider their prior knowledge and own thoughts about the subject. Eddie rose to the challenge and has produced some very thoughtful answers. Well done Eddie!

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