Our learner of the week this week is Harry. Harry has worked extremely hard this week with his writing. He showed great determination and perseverance when completing a long piece of writing about a naughty hungry seagull! Harry has set a fantastic example. Well done Harry!


Year 1: This week Thomas is our learner of the week. I have been very impressed with your hard work across all  areas of the curriculum this week. Well done Thomas!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Jai. You have been working incredibly hard on your sounds, not only with me but also with Mrs Proyer. Keep up the hard work Jai!


Year 3: Our year 3 learners of the week are Darcie and Toby who have been ‘Buzzy Bees’ during our challenges this week. They have worked together really well ensuring that they both understood the answers.  Well done!

Year 4: Our year 4 learners of the week are Joshua and Olivia. This week the children have worked in pairs to complete series of revision challenges. Olivia and Josh have worked extremely well together, ensuring that they both understand where their answers have come from. They have been real ‘Buzzy Bees!’ 


Year 5 and 6: Our learners of the week are Neve and Tom. They have both been Persevering Parrots'. Neve and Tom missed some of our Literacy lessons recently but since coming back to school, they have worked really hard to catch up. First of all, they had to finish their first draft of their newspaper report, then edit and make improvements and finally type it up using Word. They have then considered how to improve the presentation: using columns, justifying the writing, changing fonts, adding images and text boxes. The nearly-finished pieces are looking fantastic! Well done Neve and Tom for working so hard on this.

L of week 29 June 2018

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