Jungle Class


This week our first learner of the week for the year is Lottie! Lottie has worked really hard settling in to school and learning all of the new routines. She knows to sit on the carpet ready to listen and is always keen to share what she has learned or what she knows. Well done Lottie!

Woodland Class

Year 1: This week Elodie is our learner of the week. What a super first week you have had iin Woodland Class! You are always listening to instructions on the carpet and are beginning to complete your tasks independently. Well done Elodie!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Joey. I have been very impressed with your work in Maths this week. You have participated in the activities on the carpet and then completed tasks independently. What a star!

Ocean Class

Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Susie. She has been a real ‘have a go gorilla’ this week. Susie has given all of her tasks a go even if she is unsure. This has been particularly noticeable in maths, well done Susie! Keep it up.

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is all of the children in Year 4. Every single one of them has come back to school with a positive attitude towards their learning. They have all been incredibly caring towards the new members of the class, helping them when needed. They have also set an excellent example with their behaviour. Well done!

Desert Class

Year 5: Ella is our learner of the week. She has really settled into Desert Class well. Ella has been a great ‘Persevering Parrot’ and has worked hard in all of her lessons. A great start to year 5, Ella. Well done!

Year 6: We have two Year 6 Learners of the Week. Our first learner of the week is Georgia. Georgia has come back to school with such a good attitude towards her learning and is praised for being a ‘Have a Go’ Gorilla. After our maths lessons this week, Georgia asked to take home the Greater Depth tasks to work on at home.  She always challenges herself in her learning and strives to achieve her very best. Well done Georgia!

Year 6: Olivia G is also our learner of the week. She has been a super ‘Busy Bee’ this week. Her teamwork skills are fantastic and she is such a lovely member of the class, being so supportive to all of her peers. Well done Olivia and thank you.

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