Reception:  Grace is our Learner of the Week.  She has had a fantastic week!  She has been listening well, joining in and sharing lots of her ideas.  She has also been a very good learning buddy and has helped her friends with their learning too.  Well done Grace!


Year 1: This week Isabella is our learner of the week. Isabella has settled into the routines of Woodland Class and is willing to 'have a go' at every activity she is given. Keep up the hard work Isabella!

Year 2: Our learner of the week is Rosie. You have demonstrated great perseverance in Maths this week. At the beginning of the week you were finding partitioning particularly tricky but now you are an expert! Well done Rosie!


Year 3: Our Year 3 learner of the week is Harvey-Jo. He has worked incredibly hard this week particularly during maths. Harvey-Jo loves a challenge and really enjoys working his way up the learning ladder. Well done!  

Year 4: Our Year 4 learner of the week is Daisy. I have been really impressed with Daisy’s maths work over the past few weeks. Daisy is really challenging herself during maths lessons and is able to do so without support. Well done Daisy!


Year 5: Raife is our learner of the week. He has been a 'Busy Bee' this week in our Numeracy lessons. Raife has been focussed in lessons and is starting to produce more work in the time given. You have had a mature attitude this week towards your learning. Well done Raife!

Year 6: Our learner of the week is Neve. Neve has been a 'Curious Cat' this week in our Literacy lessons. She has thought incredibly carefully when editing her first draft and really making it the best she can. Neve has used a variety of punctuation including a colon to separate two independent clauses. Super writing Neve!

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