We have elected the following parents to be:

Chairperson - Rachel Oakley Mum to Georgia (Desert Class) and Antonia (Ocean Class)

Vice Chair - Sarah Netherway - Mum to Daisy (Ocean Class)

Secretary - 

Treasurer - Nik Gray - Dad to Harley (Woodland Class) and Jenson (Ocean Class) 

We have a number of other committee members, including:

Michelle Lowe, Dawn Hoey - Mum to Neve, Ella and Adam (Woodland, Ocean and Desert Class) , Lisa Thorner - Mum to Henry (Desert Class) Elliot and Isla (Woodland Class) , Julie Barlow - Mum to Ruby (Desert Class), Amber (Woodland Class) and Gem (Jungle Class),  Katrina Willey - Mum to Jack (Ocean Class), Nathan (Woodland Class) and Georgiana (Jungle Class) Becky Donnelly - Mum to Ryan (Ocena Class), Amanda Strowger - Mum to Verity (Ocean Class), Jean Clark - Mum to Seth (Woodland Class) and Eve (Desert Class), Janet Cole - Mum to Tianna (Woodland Class) , Vicki Watkin - Mum to Darcie (Ocean Class) and Hollie (Desert Class), Sharon Jones - Mum to Albie (Desert Class),Fiona Whelan - Mum to Isobel (Desert Class), Jasmine Kellaway-Moore - Auntie to Daisy  (Ocean Class), Heidi Smith - Mum to Thomas (Woodland Class), Debby Cole - Mum to Sydney (Desert Class), Clare Kellaway-Moore - Mum to Erin (Ocean Class), Manuela - Mum to Olivia (Desert Class) and Jane Whitehouse-Sharpe - Head Teacher.

We also have a number of additional helpers, who help with one-off activities. 

SAST Company information

Sherborne Area Schools' Trust is a company limited by guarantee.
Registered office: Bristol Road, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 4EQ
Registered in England: 08130468


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