PTA Meeting 8th June 2017

Attending: Rachel, Sarah, Debbie, Amanda, Manuela, Julie, Becky, Nick, Jas

Apologies: Sharon, Kerry, Vanessa

Adult Disco

  • Suggestion from Sarah that a murder mystery night may work well, targeting people from out of the village also. This is aimed to take place October 2018 – SN to contact Michael and Caroline about possible use of Shillingstone house as location. Shamdram and Kay Farrell have volunteered to write and cast.
  • Rachel suggested working alongside Portman Hall, PTA helping/contributing to their events and PTA taking a profit share.

Bags 2 School

  • £92 raised, next bags2school is Thursday 16th November. Bags to go home with families over October half term

Summer Fair

  • £95 cheque needed to pay bouncy castle – Action NG. Alongside bouncy castle inflatable basketball hoop game.
  • Tony to get signs out of shed/garage and Jo to sign write.
  • Ice cream van is booked – 20% of profit given to PTA.
  • Becky has left over ice cream cones – suggestion to save for Halloween for crafts.
  • DAYS OUT RAFFLE – these all vary in price, list of prizes available to be advertised. All prizes in bucket and each winner pick one out to make it fair.
  • Hay bales needed to cordon off coconut shy – Action SN to contact Morgan Smith/Paul Burton, also Jill Burton for the hook a ducks. Keep tin can alley for children and coconut shy for adults.
  • Water and Wine bottles need collecting from Richard Watts and wrapped – Action Becky and Rachel
  • Tombola - sweets and wine together.
  • Use up all crafts in the garage instead of buying in new – Year six to run this stall?
  • Sarah suggested the use of the cash card so children aren’t handling money, £1 and 50p uses.
  • Diane at Maypole has put a donation of refreshments to Sarah.
  • Cream tea – served at £2.50-£3.00 – Action DC to get prices.
  • Cake sale – villagers and parents to donate, advertise this on Facebook.
  • Lucky Cups – competition, judge them on day and then sell on for £1. Send out on the 21st and get back by the 28th to be judged on the 30th. A prize per year group.
  • Decision was made for school to be in charge of tuc shop, lucky cups and sweets in the jar.
  • BBQ – Nev and Nick, Mato’s and Morrisons order – Action BD.
  • Car boot entry from 11am until 11.45am.
  • Reminder: second hand uniform needs going through.
  • Action – SN & RO to visit Kay Farrell to look at toys she has and costings.
  • Put together a list for volunteers, advertise on fb page for parents and give to teachers. Action – SN/RO
  • Sarah has contacted the fire service about an engine visiting the summer fair – waiting for confirmation.
  • Suggestion from Julie to contact Simon Stewart RE: Music at the summer fair or contact Natasha Boyle’s partner – Action SN


  • Martin to fit on Saturday (10th June)

Future Plans

  • Quiz night
  • Bingo
  • Picture trail (September)
  • Murder Mystery (2018)


  • Sports day refreshments – whole fruit, biscuits and squash for children. Ice pops at the end of the day. Left over refreshments from summer fair sell to parents. Sarah suggested her and Rachel visit Makro. – Action SN/RO
  • School trips – Rachel to push this to teachers that its been noted by parents no trips are organised. Action RO
  • Leavers – ask Mrs Vail to talk to the class about an end of year event.

Date for next meeting:

Wednesday 21st June @ the Old Ox 8pm





Minutes for PTA Meeting

23 February 2017

Attendees Rachel Sarah Debby Julie Manuela

Apologies Vanessa Becky Kerry Amanda Sharon Nick

Bedtime stories

Rachel to question the timings of this with JWS, as many children and parent helpers will be unable to attend due to other after school activies. Debby to purchase hot chocolate and biscuits for this event for approx. 50-60.

Quiz Night

To be held on 8th April. Adults only. Awaiting confirmation of venue as worked well in school hall last time but the bench seating was a problem. Alcohol to be served at this event as is a good earner. Sarah To include in the Parish Mag write up. Maybe an ad in the BMV to invite others. Tickets to be sold prior and to include supper. Fish and chips worked well last time. Becky to confirm details of what she would like to do.

Kids School Disco

Rachel to approach Gary Ridout about supplying the disco. Cost for the discos are an issue. Does anyone know of a cheaper disco? Halloween disco was well supported but we feel this was due to the Theme. It worked well having the whole school at the same time and we think we should continue this. Rachel to look into other discos but it looks

like getting Gary on side and booking a few dates in advance is the best option. It was discussed we theme further discos but agreed that the Halloween disco should be the only one themed. Kerry had an idea about an Easter egg hunt being coloured straws the children collect and receive an egg at the end, stopping some children collecting more than others.. The activities around the hall worked well at the Halloween disco especially with the younger children, maybe a few activities along this line could be done ie pin the fluffy tail on the bunny??

Easter Bonnet/design an egg competition

It was decided that the templates/instructions are to be sent out on Wednesday 15th March. This will include details of how much? (50p per item) return date, which will be 30th March and judging date, 31st March and then announced in the end of week assembly. Reminder for the competition to be added to the newsletter on the 29th March.

School t-towels/bags

It was decided that we would leave this until September and do a bag-for-life for selling in the run up to Christmas.

Adult Disco 13th May

As the 80's theme has already been done, an 80's/90's theme was agreed for this year’s adult disco.

Rachel to confirm hall, disco and food for this event. seating to be placed around the outside of the hall with a few tables. Sarah to add this to the parish mag write up to

encourage others from the village. Julie to speak to Richard about playing, if unavailable to approach Alfie’s Dad.

Sarah to include quiz night/disco and summer fayre dates in parish mag write up. Suggested date for the summer fayre 1st July. Rachel to confirm this with Mrs Whitehouse-sharpe. This event will include the grand opening of the Spiritual Garden and hopefully bring in the sponsors and villagers to the school.

Date for the Christmas fair agreed 1st December.

Next meeting 16th March at the Old Ox Inn 1945hrs.





PTA Meeting Minutes Monday 28th November 2016

Present: Rachel, Sarah, Jas, Manuela, Sharon, Becky

Apologies: Julie, Nick, Kerry, Debby, Vanessa, Amanda, Katrina


Xmas Fayre

This is to be added to the Virginia Hayward hamper and two tickets drawn on the evening.

Becky has brought 16 bottles of mulled wine – average to be 6 cups per bottle – 58p per glass – working out roughly 96 cups per bottle. Also 16 packs of mince pies working out as 96 mince pies.

ACTION: Sarah – ask Debby if we can use the erns for hot chocolate and mulled wine.

ACTION: Rachel – contact Val RE: Piano for carols. Carol singing to start at 6.45 and Santa to arrive prior to six for a 6 o clock start.

Setting up the grotto: Deb Sarah and Amanda after school drop off – 9.15am

After school finishes – stalls setting up from 4pm, helpers to arrive around 5.45pm

All helpers have been allocated – Sarah has details. Can Katrina help with a stall?

ACTION: Becky to buy biscuits

ACTION: Rachel to speak to Mrs Mosely/Mrs Woods/Mrs Saunders if they could help with any stall for a slot of time.

Raffle draw between 7.30-7.45pm


Movie Night

ACTION: Sarah to confirm it will be going in the newsletter on Wednesday

Children to wear pyjamas and bring a pillow to encourage to sit nicely on the carpet.

Hot chocolate and cookies mid-way through the movie


Xmas Party – 16th December 2016 - food from 1-m

Sarah and Rachel to shop for party food on the Thursday

Confirm use of Rosie’s kitchen on the morning of party

ACTION: Rachel to gather list of allergies from Jane

ACTION: pre-order rolls from Morisons for collection Friday AM

Food Ideas:

Rolls – ham/cheese/marmite/jam (1 roll per child) pizza Cocktail Sausages Crisps Grapes Sausage Rolls Nuggets Carrot/Cucumber Sticks Cakes Biscuits Jaffa Cakes Jammy Dodgers


PTA Meeting Minutes Monday 28th November 2016

Satsumas Cheese Cubes

ACTION: Becky to source a buffet roll @ Mackro

ACTION: Order xmas paper plates, cups, napkins

Rough budget for xmas party - £500

Teachers food – Ploughmans lunch – self-service or jacket potatoes with various cold toppings and salad. Deb, could we possibly use her jacket potato oven?

ACTION: Becky to talk with Ruth from the kitchen about cutlery and plates for teachers food.


Books for school

PTA to pay £222-70 towards books chosen by Mrs Swaffield and more books to be ordered mid 2017.


Blackmoore Vale Lions Club

Linda has organised for Santa to come to Shillingstone Wednesday 7th

December, Bill Ellis to be Santa. Do we know who is providing the sweets? PTA to volunteer as helpers between 5-8pm. PTA will receive a percentage of takings.

ACTION: Rachel to email RE: more volunteers


Website & DBS

Halloween photos - Helen to put on the school website on Wednesday

Jane – can we get jane to take photos during the Christmas fayre for the school website?

Rachel clarified only regular PTA members to have DBS in regular contact with the children



The Donnelly family have kindly donated a shed for PTA to be put up in the spring, possibly re felted and Rachel to organise a slabbed area to be put down prior during the building of the spiritual garden


Winter Wiggle

ACTION: Rachel to clarify with Kerry how many have signed up to attend



Next Meeting – Finalisations of xmas party – Monday 12th December 9.15am @ Sarah’s house





PTA minutes Date of meeting: 10th November 2016

Present: Amanda, Sarah, Julie, Kerry, Rachel, Becky, Amanda, Manuela, Sharon,


1. Feedback from Halloween disco: Great success. £354 profit for adult disco.

37 people attended. Decorations were fantastic. Photos to go on the website

to advertise for the future. Profit for the school disco was £114.60. Best turn

put yet; 99 possible, 79 attended. Will continue to join the Key Stages at this

worked well.

2. Bags 2 school: Slip to be sent home in book bag as a reminder as deadline

has been extended until Monday. Next one will be in April.

3. Christmas Fair: Letter to be sent out to ask parents for donations towards the

raffle. Morrison’s hamper will be ‘Guess the weight’ as an alternative to a

raffle. Will be fresh produce. Julie happy to take over the selling of the raffle

tickets. Mrs Horder will hopefully play the piano. Amanda and Sarah to wrap

presents for the grotto next week. Helpers to set up from 4pm.

Helpers on the night are:


Face painting: Jazzy and Clare.


Reindeer food and hot chocolate: Debbie. £1 each


Santa’s little helper: Amanda. Grotto: £2.


Mulled wine and mince pies: Becky to source and organise, Sharon to

help also. Donations only as no licence. £1.50 per cup and a mince pie.


Children’s crafts: Kerry and Rachel. Sarah to check costings for this

before pricing.


Sarah to give out posters for adults to place around the village.


Kerry to ask her work about borrowing decorations for Grotto.

4. Movie night: All prepared. See previous minutes.

5. Christmas party: Becky to source crackers. Juice left over to use for staff

party. Food to be discussed at the next meeting.

6. PTA events calendar: Becky showed Julie a Google calendar and a guide of

how to set it up. Can be linked to the school website.

7. Website, DBS checks: Rachel has updated this so will now put this on the

website. Sharon is still waiting to do a DBS check as had a problem with the

login. Concerns were raised over the amount of money being spent on DBS

checks. Rachel to speak to Mrs Sharp regarding who needs to be done.

8. AOB:

Storage: Trying to have everything in one place. Nick to have a look at

possible sheds. Would be placed in the teacher’s car park by the bins.

Winter Wiggle: Kerry to send out letters to start after Christmas.

PTA Christmas social: 20th January 2017

Next meeting: Monday 28th November at 8pm – Sarah’s house






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