Some children from Ocean class were keen to lead our worship this week. They showed dedication and supported each other when preparing for this assembly. Well done to you all.

The Church Drama group led our worship this morning. They performed a play that they had previously shared in Church. All of the children played their roles well and enjoyed leading this to the rest of the school. After the assembly, the audience were able to clearly explain the moral of the story and the link with our school values. Thank you and well done to you all.

Well done to the Church Drama Group who performed 'The Storm on the lake' during our worship on Monday.  They had previously performed the play in Church and wanted to share it with us.  After the performance we about having the faith and courage to believe in others even when we might be feeling scared.  Well done and thank you to all who were involved.

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Well done to those children in Years 5 & 6 who volunteered to lead our Worship assembly this week. They were responsible for sourcing a relevant story, hymns and prayers linked to the theme, Courage. You all worked hard to prepare for this assembly beforehand, showing dedication and teamwork.


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