At Shillingstone Primary School we treat every child as an individual.

How do we do this.........?


  • All the teachers and headteacher monitor the progress your child makes every term in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • All children's progress is measured and monitored against the national average.
  • Teachers are continually changing their planning and teaching to meet the needs of all the individual learners in the class.
  • All children learn at a different pace and use a range of learning styles. 



  • Every child has a set of individual targets linked to writing and maths.
  • These targets are personal to your child and are continually monitored, reviewed and updated every term by each class teacher.
  • The personal targets are displayed in the front of all Literacy books and are used as a prompt for children during lessons.
  • Maths targets are displayed in every classroom.
  • All the children know their personal targets and understand that these targets help them to move their learning forwards.


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